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Owner Brandon Bennett

Tattoo Artist  & Owner Brandon Bennett

“What can I say I love my job”
“There is no limit to what I can do as an artist I love a challenge and will not limit myself to a certain genre."

Brandon Bennett in Pop Culture
Brandon has been published in several newspapers, Filmed with Reality show Tattoo and Turnpikes, his client base is from all over the world and includes Artist Pasta Pantaleo, and his paintings have been debuted in the movie Old Dogs where he also worked as a consultant on the set with Robin Williams and John Travolta. Bennett is making his mark in the industry and enjoying every minute of it!

Tattoo Artist & Owner Anthony Bennett IV

Making his mark in the tattoo industry!

Growing up around art and tattooing his entire life made it easy for this artist to know his path in life.  At the young age of 18 he was Published by (Out of Step Books, "Feathers of Inspiration") and worked with Zoo Miami on there new logo. His passion for tattooing is revealed the minute you start talking to him, producing a produce specifically to fit each client is his ultimate goal. Although Anthony tattoos all genre's he has found his niche with photo realism. "I will always stay humble and take any chance I get to better myself as an artist". Anthony is striving to be among the best tattoo artists in the world and is headed in the right direction!

Tattoo Artist Jason Perea

Experienced to do anything you bring me!

I've always enjoyed and been a fan of all forms of art. I consider my self to be quite creative, I have been drawing as far back as I can remember. After I attempted my first tattoo, I fell in love with tattooing and now my ambition is to be the best tattoo artist that I can be. I take pride in the tattoos I create and get great satisfied when a customer is happy. It makes me love tattooing that much more. I look forward to doing your next tattoo!

Tattoo Artist Katelyn Wilebski

Detailed perfection is her middle name!

Katelyn brings her talent and creativity as a tattoo artist to the Keys with a passion to cross the boundaries of detail without hesitation.  "It's a rewarding job being able to produce good artwork and know that the clients are happy."

Guest Tattoo Artist Donna Coone

Originally from the Keys!

Donna started her apprenticeship at South of Heaven in 2010.  Since then, Donna has brought her talent as a former piercer and current tattoo artist to Illinois, Vegas, Marathon, and finally back home in Key Largo. Donna has had the unique experience of apprenticing under not only Brandon, but Anthony as well.  "My goal is to become the best traditional artist the Keys has to offer."